The first step in starting a blog is choosing a topic to blog about. Unfortunately, for some aspiring bloggers, it is a step they never move beyond.

“But someone else already has a blog on what I want to write about,” they protest. “I’m too late to the game.”

It is the excuse I hear

Marketing has given blogging a bad name.

I say that not to offend the legal marketers of the world or the lawyers who blog to market their practices.

But I fear that, at least in the legal profession, blogging has become so tightly equated with marketing that its inherent value as a medium of expression

At LexBlog, we are passionate about blogging.

I say that not as a trite attempt at marketing. Rather, it is a statement of fact. We love reading blogs. We love writing blogs. We believe in the power of blogs to create community and connections. We believe in the ability of blogs to inform and enlighten.