At LexBlog, we are passionate about blogging.

I say that not as a trite attempt at marketing. Rather, it is a statement of fact. We love reading blogs. We love writing blogs. We believe in the power of blogs to create community and connections. We believe in the ability of blogs to inform and enlighten. We believe in the power of blogs to build trust.

It is a passion that drives a mission that LexBlog founder Kevin O’Keefe describes as “connecting lawyers with people, for good.”

With LexBlog having been in the blogging business for 16 years, and I personally having been blogging nearly 18 years, we also think we’ve learned a thing or two. But while the LexBlog staff regularly shares tips and advice in calls and emails with customers, we haven’t put it all down in writing.

Until now. With this new blog, we are kicking off a series of posts in which we will share our insights and advice around starting, maintaining and building a blog.

In part, we were inspired to start this project by the LexBlog Excellence Awards, our first-ever contest to honor excellence in blog writing.

Also, through the process of reviewing and judging those awards, I found myself making random notes about how some posts could be improved. I ended up compiling those notes into a post, Some Random Tips for Writing Better Blog Posts, which turned out to be quite popular, suggesting that there is interest in more guidance of this type.

So over the next couple months, we will share some of our thoughts about blogging basics and best practices. If there is a topic you would like to see us cover, shoot me an email at

Hope you find it helpful.